Gamma 5

Gamma5 diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma 5 (CB 2008) is a diamond jungle jaguar from the epic clutch of Gamma x Antonio. In addition to the clean, bright scales typical of Gamma-line pythons, he has also developed intense yellow coloration. The color is so vibrant he appears fluorescent, much like a tropical fish. He remains intensely bright and clean at 10 years of age, and has sired nothing but trophy quality pythons. He is beyond doubt the most fantastic creature I've ever produced.


Gamma5 (2012)

diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma5 (2018) - 10 years old!

Gamma 11

Gamma11 diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma11 (CB 2011) is a female diamond jungle jaguar from the stellar clutch of Aphrodite (jungle carpet python) and Gamma5. In addition to the clean, deep yellow so characteristic of the Gamma-line pythons, she has developed rich orange hues as well.

Gamma11 diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma11 (2012)

Photo credit David Newman

Gamma11 diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma11 (2015)

Gamma(2006 - 2016)

Gamma diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma was a diamond-jungle jaguar python produced by Jeff Favelle (Canada). Sire was a jungle jaguar and dam a diamond-jungle python, both fairly average appearing pythons. Gamma turned out to be spectacular, both in her bright clean scales that did not fade or smudge as she aged, and by the quality of pythons that she produced. The Gamma-line of jaguar pythons continue to have colorfast bright colors that do not diminish with age. Her legacy lives on with her sensational progeny here at the Morelia Trophy Club.

MTC Jaguar VIP and members in waiting:

Gamma3 diamond jungle jaguar

Gamma3 was a diamond jungle jaguar from the Gamma x Antonio clutch (2008). In May, 2010 he was featured as the Breeder's Choice for Reptiles Magazine.

2014 Gamma-line diamond jungle jaguar

This 2014 diamond jungle jaguar from Alba x Gamma5 shows promise with heavy, brightly colored bands on clean background.

2015 diamond jungle jaguar

This 2015 diamond jungle jaguar (from Alba x Gamma5) had unusual green-grey colors as a hatchling. It will be fun to watch the color change over the next few years.