Hybrid Pythons

"...and the moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding-places."

(Frankenstein, 1818, by Mary Shelley)


Morpheus (CB 2008) is a 75% carpondro produced by pairing a 50% carpondro dam with a green tree python sire (breeder Marc Spataro). He is a mythical appearing beast, like something out of a dream. He underwent dramatic ontogenic color change spanning the yellow-green-blue spectrum and now appears slate grey-blue in appearance.

Morpheus - 75% carpondro

Morpheus 2011


Morpheus 2017



Mollena (CB 2010) is a 50% green tree python/50% carpet python creation, produced by Brandon Osborne. Dam was an Irian Jaya python, and sire a Bokondini x Biak green tree python. She produced an outstanding clutch of carpondros/jagpondros with Gamma5 in 2016.

50% carpondro

Mollena 2012

50% carpondro

Mollena 2014

50% carpondro

MTC Hybrid Pythons - members in waiting:

50% carpondro

TJ is a 50% carpondro (CB 2016) produced by pairing a jungle carpet python dam and Jayapura type green tree python sire. (Breeder Tony Jerome)

25% carpondro MTC

Morelia Trophy Club female 25% carpondro from 2016 clutch of Mollena x Gamma5

12.5% carpondro

This mutt (CB 2015) is a male 12.5% green tree python x jungle carpet python x diamond python. (Breeder Brad McCarthy)

MTC Hybrid Python Hall of Fame:

Speedy - 50% carpondro

Speedy was a 50% carpondro (green tree python x jungle carpet python). He was one of the most active, athletic and coolest looking pythons I have owned.

Merlin - 75% carpondro

Merlin was a 75% carpondro (sibling to Morpheus) and exhibited copper colored eyes, vivid blue-purple markings on a deep green background.