Available Pythons (updated March 2018)

2017 Futo x Gamma5 diamond jungle cross

2017 Futo jungle x Gamma5 female #10

Diamond-jungle cross (jaguar sibling).  Perfectly healthy, eating frozen-thawed rat fuzzies.  Destined to be dark black with bright yellow, typical of Gamma-line pythons. (nidovirus negative, lab results provided with purchase)

$300 plus shipping

MTC 2018 Breeding Update

Hatching carpondros and jagondros

8 jagpondros and 5 carpondros emerged on March 29, 2018 from the Mollena x Gamma5 clutch. These Gamma-line hybrids have a wonderful array of patterns and colors, and should develop into unique trophy animals. I will let some go for sale in a few months.

2018 jagpondro male #8

2018 Mollena x Gamma5 jagpondro male #8

2018 carpondro male #13

2018 Mollena x Gamma5 carpondro male #13

Some yearling jagpondros and carpondros from the 2016 clutch of Mollena x Gamma5

2016 jagpondros

2016 Mollena x Gamma5 jagpondros

2016 carpondros

2016 Mollena x Gamma5 carpondros

Manokwari Green Tree Pythons Hatch!

2018 Manokwari Green Tree Pythons

2018 Manokwari hatchlings

Manokwari green tree pythons mating

Manokwari green tree pythons mating 2018

Hatching Manokwari GTPs (4/16/18)

Hatching Manokwari GTPs (4/16/18)