Morelia Trophy Club


Jaguar Pythons

Gamma (CB 2006) is a diamond-jungle jaguar produced by Jeff Favelle (Canada).   

Sire was a jungle jaguar and dam a diamond-jungle python.   Simply put, Gamma 

is radioactive.   Her scales are totally clean and her color is so bright she appears luminescent.   Every one of her progeny have developed into trophies as well.

Her color development is shown below as a hatchling, age 1 year, 3 years (on eggs)
and as a mature adult:



Gamma5 (CB 2008) is a male diamond-jungle jaguar from the Gamma x Antonio pairing.   In addition to the clean, bright scales, he has also developed intense yellow coloration.  

The color is so vibrant he appears fluorescent, much like a tropical fish.  He is beyond

doubt the most fantastic creature I've ever produced.   

Shown here at age 4 months (hand held), age 1 year, 3 years and as a mature adult:


Gamma11 (CB 2011) is a female diamond jungle jaguar offspring from the stellar clutch of Aphrodite (jungle carpet python) and Gamma5.    In addition to the clean, deep yellow so characteristic of the Gamma-line pythons, she has developed rich orange hues as well.  

Photo outside at age 2 yrs (credit David Newman), and as mature adult.



Introducing "ANACONDA Jaguars"

On May 5, 2014 the eggs from Alba x Gamma5 produced the most unusual 4 jaguars I've hatched to date.    They are so heavily banded the "banding" has become the dominant

color scheme, with some formation of circle patterns.   The head patterns and ventral

scales are also not typical of jaguar pythons.    They are no doubt jaguar pythons, and are distinctly different from the jaguar-sibs of the clutch.   Because their circular patterns reminded me of anacondas, I've decided to call them "Anaconda Jaguars".   

Time will tell if they represent a new morph of jaguar pythons.

AG5-14- jaguar male #1 first shed:                       AG5-14- jaguar female #2 first shed:


AG5-14- jaguar male #3 first shed:                       AG5-14- jaguar male #4 first shed:

Ventral scales of "anaconda" jaguar:                  AG5-14-jaguar to jaguar-sib comparison:         

AG5-14- anaconda jaguar male #1 at one year:

AG5-14- anaconda jaguar female #2 at one year:

AG5-14- anaconda jaguar male #3 at 20 months:

Morelia Trophy Club Hall of Fame:

Gamma3 is a male diamond jungle jaguar from the Gamma

x Antonio pairing of 2008.   In May 2010 he was featured as

the Breeder's Choice for Reptiles Magazine.   He has now

joined the fine python collection of Brandon Osborne.  

Information about neurological deficits noted in jaguar pythons:

Some neurological deficits have been associated with jaguar pythons, a morphological variant of 

the coastal carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli sub-species).   These deficits can range 

from those that are so mild they are essentially non-detectable, to animals that move in a 

spinning, back-flipping or corkscrew motion.   More subtle effects can include poor 

coordination, striking aim, or "righting ability" (keeping their head level when turned over).   

The vast majority of jaguar pythons have the milder forms of these deficits, barely noticeable

unless the animal is handled.   In the opinion of some breeders, even jaguars that appear totally

normal are a little "less athletic" than most carpet pythons. 
These neurological deficits can be present upon hatching, or in some cases, develop years later.   

One hypothesis is that the "jaguar gene" is coupled with a vulnerability to neurological problems, 

and that these problems do not appear unless the animal undergoes some kind of stress.   The 

majority of jaguar pythons that develop these effects seem to display them at an early age (less 

than a year).   In most jaguars, these neurological effects may vary a bit over the lifetime of the 

snake, but do not appear to significantly deteriorate over time.   They do not appear to effect the 

overall health or breeding ability of the jaguar python, nor is their any predictable pattern of 

inheritance for progeny that have come from affected sire or dam.