Morelia Trophy Club


Green Tree Pythons

Josie (CB 2006) is a female Sorong type green tree python.   She was a farm import,

red neonate and has ample blue highlights along her lime-green body.   She become 

darker in blue-green coloration after becoming gravid in the 2012 breeding season.  

She is named after my mother-in-law, shown below in both pre- and post gravid colors.  


Belle (CB 2007) is a stunningly beautiful Highland-Cyclops type female green tree
python.   She was an Indonesian farm import.   The blue-green spectrum of her
scales literally burst into blue predominance under full spectrum lighting.   She
has a regal appearance and demeanor.



Manokwari male (CB 2013) was produced by Gary Schiavino from the original Prada
Manokwari pair.    He has vibrant blue diamond highlights and should gain more blue
as he matures.  Age 18 months in first photo, 2 years in outside photo.

Morelia Trophy Club green tree python member-in-waiting:

Yellow Line 2012 (Sunflower x Big Daddy) produced by Brandon Osborne.   This little

python didn't want to eat for about a year, would strike and coil with his food, only to drop it

later.  He finally got the idea a few months ago, and is now eating without hesitation.

Show below as a neonate, and at age 3 yrs.


Morelia Trophy Club green tree python Hall of Fame

Azula (RIP 10/12) was an amazing appearing green tree python with turquoise blue coloration and jet black eyes.   She had ties to Trooper Walsh stock, although her origins remain a mystery.


Qali (RIP 11/12) was an Aru x Biak green tree python from Bushmaster stock.   "Qali" is an Eskimo word for "snow on trees", as she had wonderful blue-green coloration amply highlighted with white scales.   She produced a clutch of all red neos in 2011 (2 holdbacks featured above).


Biru (SH-05-05195) is a Signal Herpetoculture green tree python produced from pairing Mr. Blue/Carolina x PNG.   He sired an all red clutch with Qali, and now

resides in the extraordinary GTP collection of Dr. Barry Manson.