Morelia Trophy Club


A private collection of jungle carpet, diamond-jungle, jaguar and green tree pythons

Welcome to my collection of Morelia spilota (carpet pythons) and Morelia viridis

(green tree pythons).  I have spent over 50 years as a reptile enthusiast, and my goal

over the past 2 decades has 
been to acquire and breed living jewels within the Morelia

genus.   I keep a limited collection of 
ultra quality animals and breed only the very

best.   I am terrifically excited about this project, and  
hope you enjoy looking at my

collection....the Morelia Trophy Club. 

Also, from time to time I will have offspring for sale, so check the "Available" section if

you wish.

John Battaglia,

Morelia Trophy Club

*Gamma-line jagpondros/carpondros hatched 4/26/16!!!

*Gamma-line diamond jungle jaguars clutch expected June 2016!!!

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